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Dedicated to the eternally chic Daphne Guinness

Anonymous asked: What inspired you to conceive this site (and I am thrilled you did)?

I first read about Daphne in an old issue of the Sunday Times Style Magazine way back in 2007 and I really admired her sense of style. Fast forward to about 2009/2010 and I start using Tumblr and I notice there was alot of sites in homage to notable public figures but not an active one for Daphne Guinness. So I created one on a bit of whim and 4500 followers later, here we are!

In regards to why I admire Daphne’s sense of style, whilst it’s very ornate, the origin of it is very organic. She does not dress as a ‘Fuck you’ to anyone, it’s because she can admire the true craftsmanship and detail of a garment and simply enjoy wearing it. I like that she has nothing to prove. 

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